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Winter safety tips for your dog

The winter weather here in Evansville, Indiana can range from chilly to warm. Make sure that your pup stays safe and healthy throughout the winter, regardless of weather!


  1. After a walk on the wet sidewalk, make sure your dog’s paws are properly dried. Take a towel and wipe down their paws, checking between the pads for mud, rocks or other debris. Winter weather can make their paw pads cracked or dried so pay extra attention. If your pet’s paws seem extremely dry, ask one of our groomers for a recommendation on proper care.
  2. Keep a regular grooming routine with Aussie Pet Mobile Greater Evansville. Regardless of how often your pet is outside, your pet needs a regular grooming routine. Our grooming experts will help you get on a schedule to ensure your pet stays clean and healthy.
  3. Brush your dog regularly. Not only does dry air affect humans, it can also affect your pet! Dry winter air can lead to dry skin which can be itchy for your pup. Home heating can also contribute to drier skin in the winter months. Brushing your dog’s coat helps stimulate their natural oils and can help moisturize their skin.
  4. If it is an extra cold day, limit time outside to bathroom breaks. Increase the amount of playing around the house to substitute going on a walk. 
  5. Get outside on nice days. Maximize time outside on nice days here in Evansville as much as possible to make up for the colder days.
  6. Avoid exposure to toxins. Make sure to keep your dog away from any antifreeze as it can be fatal to dogs.