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Walking Your Dog During Quarantine

Walking Your Dog During Quarantine

Walking your dog is extremely important, especially right now. However, now is a time to practice safe walking guidelines. Here are some tips to help you walk your dog during this season:

  • Keep a short leash. Keeping a short leash will help you keep your dog away from other people while you walk. Prevent your dog from running up to other dogs or people by keeping a shorter leash.
  • Work on training. Go back to basics and retrain your dog on certain commands, such as heal and sit. Having a well trained dog can help ease your mind on your walks.
  • Invest in a no pull harness. A no pull harness can help you keep better control of your dog without constantly pulling on the leash.
  • Set aside time for a long morning walk. A long morning walk will help your dog get some energy out at the start of the day and there may be less people out and about.